Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fabulous Clothing Deals!

I went to Macy's today after seeing on Hip2Save that they were having a Denim Sale. You get a $10 Savings Card when you purchase denim. So, off to Macy's I went.

For my Son I ended up with a button up flannel SS shirt, a tshirt and a LS flannel shirt. For my daughter I got 2 SS shirts, 1 LS shirt, a knit pant, a Hello Kitty Denim skirt and a Dora Denim dress. Total of 9 items. The retail on these items was $158.88 prior to taxes. I paid $16.32 prior to taxes. Not to bad, huh?

I picked up the 2 denim items first. When I went to the cashier in the Children's section I asked if I needed to purchase them in 2 seperate transactions to get the 2 savings cards. She said the savings cards were only 1 per person. I didn't see anything about that as a stipulation nor did I think it was true. So, I just hung on to one of the denim items and purchased the other then got my $10 savings card. I then picked up the 3 shirts for my son and only had to pay $.47 before tax after using the savings card. I then went and found the rest of the clothes for my daughter. By this time the original cashier that I had dealt with was no where to be found. So, I purchased the other denim item to get my $10 savings card. Then in a seperate transaction I got the remainder of the items using the savings card.

I was very pleased with the results. Everything I purchased was on clearance and the clearance items in the Children's dept were an additional 30% off the mark down price. There were very limited denim items that were on clearance in Childrens. I would have probably got more if there would have been more denim on clearance but I will not complain since I got a fab deal!

On a side note and funny one at that... I was showing my hubby my fab deals. I first showed him my son's items. He informed me that the LS flannel was ugly. I was trying to get him to hush before my son heard. You know how kids are, they hear something like that then they won't wear it. Either he didn't hear him luckily or wasn't paying attention (probably the second one). A little later on I said, so you didn't like his LS flannel? He said oh that was for him? I said Yes! He thought all 3 of the shirts I had got for my son were for me. LOL! It was funny because I would like to see me fit into his clothes.

Guess that's it for now. Let me know if you find any great deals!

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