Thursday, December 30, 2010

Purple Sweet Potatoes?

So, who has heard of Purple Sweet Potatoes? I'm guessing not many of you. I went to a Chrismas show in our state back in November. There are vendors, vendors and more vendors. They do have a NC speciality food store. They offered samples of many of the products. One of them being Stokes Purple Sweet Potato Butter.

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My Aunt had taken my 4 year old daugther through and she had actually sampled it and liked it. I couldn't belive it. She is the pickiest eater and very rarely will try new things. I thought maybe she decided to try it because it was purple and they were sampling on ice cream sticks. I sampled it myself and my daughter wanted another sample. So, I decided to buy some. She absolutely loves this stuff! I thought well at least she is getting some veggies in her. The girl will not eat any veggies (even potatoes, unless it's french fries). She has ate it almost everyday since we got it and needless to say we are on empty. On the jar it list the website, so I looked it up thinking I would just be able to order some online. No, luck there. It does mention 2 online sites that sell it but one shows online ordering coming soon and I couldn't get the other site to come up. Luckily for me though it is also sold in Whole Foods
as well. So, I'm thinking tomorrow I will call my local store to see if they have it. If so, off to Whole Foods we go. :)

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  1. I have never seen this before....looks so interesting. Thanks for sharing.