Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Ribbon Christmas card holder

This is a cute and very simple way of hanging your Christmas cards. I usually get lots of Christmas cards this year and I'm always trying to decide where I'm going to display them. They usually get taped up somewhere, but this is much cuter. All you do is take a wide strip of ribbon and tape it on the back of your cabinet door. I only have one hanging right now, but plan on adding another strip on another cabinet door when more cards start coming in. I used paper covered clothespins to hang the cards, another simple thing to do. I plan on adding a magnet strip to the back of the clothespins after the cards come down. I can then use them on the refrigerator to hang things.

I found this idea from no where else, but Pinterest. If you need an invite to Pinterest, send me your email. Lots of ideas there! The tutorial for the Christmas card holder is from here. You can also make some paper covered clothespins. There are lots of tutorials for these also. I like this one.

Update: I had to make a lot more covered clothespins because I got more Christmas cards. I ended up covering some clothespins in glitter ribbon. I used red glitter ribbon, silver glitter ribbon and gold glitter ribbon. You can see those in the photos that have more cards. I think they added a more festive touch.

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