Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooking it up for lunch tomorrow!

Tomorrow at church we are having our 27th Anniversary. Everyone brings food and we eat after service.

Here is what I have cooked up.

Salsa Chicken and Rice.

You can find my recipe for it here.

I haven't baked it yet, I will wait to do that in the morning. It is all ready to go in the oven and look like this though.

Simply Herb Bread with Herb Butter Spread
I forgot to get a picture of the Herb butter. It makes the bread even better though. Yummy!

Absolutely Almond Pound Cake
Oops! I got grate marks on the pound cake. This was from flipping it over onto the cooling rack while it was hot. Oh well, is still tastes good.

and good ole Southern Sweet Tea.

I know this is a hodge podge of stuff. It's not necessarily meant to eat together though. For those not familiar with pot luck dinners, all the food is set on a long table or in this case lots of long tables and you just come down the line and pick and choose.

Looking forward to our church service in the morning and looking forward to the food and fellowship afterward. :)


  1. Love the pound cake! Nothing like a church meal to supersize everything, LOL. Love your owls!

  2. Yay Anniversary! That all looks so declicious! Hope you enjoyed it!