Sunday, October 10, 2010

ASU Homecoming Weekend

For those that may be out of state reading this, that is Appalachian State University. You may have heard of us.

We upset Michigan a few years ago on their turf! I found this blog that tells all about it.

I was excited about getting up to our homecoming game this year. I haven't made it to a football game there in a while. I'm hoping to make it there to a game now at least once a year. It was a HOT day though. Can you believe I got sunburned through my jeans? How does that happen? My leg was just blotchy. The next day after putting lotion on my leg, it had pretty much went away though.

Snips and Myself pregame

Just had to paint the nails black and gold!

ASU marching band

After each touchdown, the cheerleaders ran across the field with the APP STATE flags.

The sun finally went behind the trees. I put on my glasses and now I can see! :)

Yosef, our mascot

It was the largest Homecoming crowd at Kidd Brewer Stadium to date.

Final score ASU 34 Elon 31


  1. Oh girl so jealous you got to go!! I thought about everyone up there on Saturday!!!

  2. Wish you could have came Lori! It would have been good to see you again.

  3. I love ASU!!!! I have been there many times! I feel in love with ASU when we use to have band comps there! A good friend of ours use to play football there. Trey Elder is his name. I can't remember his younger brother's name but I think he still plays there. Love your nails!