Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day gift

Our devotion tonight was about Easter. While reading Matthew 28:4 NIV "The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men". It made me wonder if that saying "scared to death" derives from this verse? Something to ponder. I have really enjoyed doing these devotions with the kids.

I still need to wrap my Mother's Day (which is tomorrow) gift for my Mom. I'm going to go ahead and post a picture of what I made for her. I don't think she will be on the computer this late tonight so I'm going to go ahead and take my chances. I think it turned out really cute.

I got the idea from the inadvertent farmer. I shared this idea with My Mommies Group and at least 3 other Mommies decided to do the same thing. I searched for a frame with 4 openings across horizontally and couldn't find one. So, I just made my own. I thought it was super cute. Now, off to go wrap it.

Tomorrow at church we will be voting on a potential pastor. Afterward we are going to head to Raleigh to my cousin, Billie's house. Billie and Scottie's adopted daughter Anna Sophia will be having her baby dedication at their church tomorrow. Since we want to be at our church for the vote tomorrow, we won't be able to make her dedication but we are going to head there afterward for a cookout.

I think I might try to get in the bed earlier tonight. I have felt pretty tired today and still have some sinus or allergy issues going on. I was up way to late last night with the movie night then coming home to piddle around on the computer.

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