Friday, May 14, 2010

Our pet squirrel

First of all let me tell you a little story.... I had left a bag of bird seen on the front porch. Someone had posted in another blog not to bring bird seed inside because moths like to get in it. I closed it up tightly and put it under one of the chairs on the front porch since I didn't want it be an eye sore. We have some clever little squirrels that made there way into the bag. The bag that was closed up tightly didn't stop them. They made a hole in the thing and there went the bird seed. Before I realized they had opened up the bag I saw a squirrel several days on the porch and it was the fattest squirrel I had ever seen. Tyler saw it one day as he was getting ready to leave for school. The squirrel was very slow compared to most squirrels. Yesterday, once I realized the mess it had made I cleaned it up then put it in a plastic container. I refilled the bird feeder and also put some bird seed down on the ground so the squirrel could still have some.

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