Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm a Winner!

I am actually, lol! I entered a giveaway for a diy apron on a cute blog, Made and I won it! You can see a sample of what the apron looks like here I'm looking forward to getting it and putting it together!

On Wednesday nights at church we have been going over the book of James. I've been doing daily devotions with the kids before putting them to bed. Tonight I found it very interesting that our devotion went over the same verses that we studied tonight at church, James 2:14-26. God is trying to get something through to me.

The weather has been beautiful the past several days but we did get some much needed rain a few days ago. This was the craft that I did with Tatiana and Elise. Tatiana got most of her stickers on her frog. Elise was ready to do something else by about half the way through though. We'll have to finish her half done turtle at another time. :)

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