Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day off...

I have a few days off while the girls that I watch are in MA visiting with their MiMi. I took Tyler to school. He normally rides the school bus, so this is a treat for him. He also delivered his teachers their Teacher appreciation gifts to them. The kids were as excited if not more excited then the teachers to see what was inside. I made both of them clipboards using Mod Podge and scrapbook paper. See this previous post... I think I made one of his teachers feel a little bad. She said that she hadn't even got her daughters teachers anything and she was in the Kindergarten class next door. :)

This morning I took Tatiana to gymnastics which is our normal Thursday ritual. Since I didn't have the girls I asked MaMa if she wanted to come to gymnastics with us since she had never been before. We stopped by and picked up MaMa and Tatiana being her shy self wouldn't even speak to MaMa. We get to gymnastics and she is acting out of the norm. She doesn't want to go into gymnastics. Once I finally get her in there, today is picture day. They come to get me because she doesn't want to have her pictures done. I go in there with her and try bribing her with ice cream, Mc Donalds, etc., etc., etc.. Nothing would work. They also were working on their end of year routine for the awards ceremony. She didn't want to participate in that either. She is a very stubborn little girl. We leave gymnastics once it's over and MaMa didn't get to see her do any gymnastics.

It was an early release day for Tyler's school. After he got out of school we headed over to the park for a little while. It was really about too hot though so we didn't stay too long.

Tonight Mom and I had pedicures then browsed around Sephora. I found a new lotion that I'm going to put on my wish list, field of flowers by philosophy.

I really like the scent on me! Sephora is such a fun place to look around and they have some of the neatest things. Best of all, we haven't had a local one to just recently. They put one inside the JC Penney in our local mall.

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