Monday, August 23, 2010

Candy Apple Cupcakes

I saw this idea for these Candy Apple Cupcakes over at Cute as a Fox Creations. These were just the cutest things and they looked so easy, so I had to take a shot at it.

I wasn't able to find the cute red ramekins like she had, so I had to settle for red cupcake liners. I was looking for any type of small red bowl with no luck.

I looked for the red candies in Wal-Mart and found red M&M's packaged together. I purchased one pack of them thinking that should be enough for 4 small cupcakes. I also found the bamboo skewers and the cupcake liners at Wal-mart. The sour straws came from Dollar Tree. I had the other items on hand.

I did the first two similar to how she had done it. With the sour candy straw as part of the stem and ribbon as the leaf. I had a difficult time getting the straw onto the skewer even with using the pointed edge.

With the other two I got very short on M&M's, so I made do with what I had left. I was going to color the part of the skewer that shows with a brown Sharpie or marker. I didn't get lucky enough to find one when I needed one though. So, they just stayed natural color. I also decided to cut out a leaf shape on a piece of construction paper.

They didn't hold up well on their own since they were in a cupcake liner. So, I decided to wrap them again with some plastic wrap and put a tag and bow around them. I cut off any remaining saran wrap so it would look a little better. I found the cute apple tags from Lee Hansen Graphics.

Tyler was supposed to meet with his teachers this evening but he was running a fever so I didn't want to bring him around everyone and spread his germs. I called his teacher and she told us it would be ok to meet with her in the morning. So, Tyler will get to give his teachers their candy cupcake apple in the morning. We have already met my daughters teachers, so she will probably give them their cupcakes on the first day of school.

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