Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, I was browsing around last night on blogs. Up way too late again and I stumbled upon the blog My Dear Trash. By reading some of her post, I was super inspired. So today, I started listing a bunch of items on Ebay. It has been a while since I have sold on there and was happy with my findings today. You can now post your first 100 items each month for no listing fee. That is, if I understand it correctly. I always had to pay listing fees in the past regardless of if my item sold or not. So, needless to say I was happy about this. Several years ago I bought a huge lot of clothing that was Jaffa by Oink Baby. It is an Australian Boutique clothing brand for children. I bought it thinking I would resell on Ebay for a great profit. I did end up selling a lot of the items but was left with a tremendous amount also. So, in attempt to get rid of it I'm starting the bids on each item at only $.99. One of my listings is here.

All new with tags! Boutique clothing brand Jaffa by Oink Baby. Size 2T, 24.5 lb-28 lb. In this 7 piece lot there are 4 dresses, a halter top, a tank top and 1 pair of pink wide legged pants. Great to use now or get them for next Spring/Summer. Bidding starts at only $1 a piece.

Just so you know what value this is...

Dresses retail for $34-$38 x 4 = $136-$152
Pants retail for $32
I can't find the original price for the shirts, but what a great value!

I also went through some of our clothing items we had in a box for a yard sale or to donate to Goodwill. I pulled some of those out and will be listing them as well. I hope I have as much luck a she has had.


  1. AWESOME!!!! Any size 3T?? Thanks for stopping by today!! :) I'm your newest follower!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I wish you great success with your ebay sales.