Friday, August 6, 2010

Party and more Goodwill finds

I had a Tastefully Simple party this evening and it was local. That is always nice When I don't have to drive that far. 3 parties were booked from only 6 attendees, including the host. That is a great ratio! I should be able to get my Fall/Winter parties booked up like that. :)

Today at Goodwill, I didn't have that much time to shop. So, I decided to head to the shoe section. I didn't find anything in my size but did find 2 pairs of shoes that I listed on Ebay.

Hopefully I will be able to make some money on them. I do want to start listing more things. I guess I should probably start listing some of the items around the house vs. going to the thrift store to find items.

This is what I found today..

I posted them here
Saks Fifth Avenue Women's Black heels. Size 9M. All leather, great condition! I paid $3.50 for them.

I posted these here

Bass Women's red boots. Size 7 1/2 M. Great condition! I also paid $3.50 for these.