Friday, July 2, 2010

Family time

Yesterday my Dad and I took the kids to a Threshers Reunion. I'm not sure exactly what Threshers stands for but they had lots of old farm equipment and more tractors then I have ever seen in my entire life. They also had vendors selling food and crafts and exhibits going on throughout the place.

Tatiana and I also rode the train (the Handy Dandy Railroad). My parents had taken the kids a few years back and both the kids rode the train then. Tatiana was the only one who wanted to ride it this time, so I took her for a ride as my Dad and Tyler walked around.

The Petting Zoo

Steam Shovel

Boarder Collie herding the sheep

and the ducks

My Big Boy sitting in the stroller taking a break.

Why is it almost impossible to get both of my kids to smile for a picture?

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