Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax day!

It's tax day! I'm so glad we already have ours filed. We are just waiting for a refund now. We e-filed, so we should be getting them back soon. At least we should be getting Federal back soon. Who knows how long it will be before we get our state refund back.

Well, I slipped up yesterday and didn't do my daily run. I'm sore from the day before yesterday though. I've got to get in done today though, soreness or not. I was pooped after the kids left yesterday then last night we had our Wednesday night church service. I took the kids over to a play date yesterday which they really enjoyed then I also worked on Tatiana's party favors for her birthday party on Saturday. I decided to put something together this time instead of buying the little trinkets that eventually get tossed. I'll post pictures of it after her party.

Today I'm sharing a picture of Elise (one of the girls I watch) and Tatiana. This was taken outside before my Dad so kindly came over and used the leaf vac to pick up our leaves.

We have gymnastics today, so we will be getting ready soon to head there. Tomorrow night I have a Tastefully Simple party, Saturday is Tatiana's birthday party and Sunday is church. Busy weekend ahead! I would rather stay busy then sit around though.

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