Thursday, April 15, 2010

PaPa's Birthday

We went out to dinner tonight for PaPa's birthday. This is my Mom's Dad. God had truly blessed our family to be so close knit. I had the kids make him a birthday card that I found from

The inside of Tatiana's card. On the outside, I just typed in Happy Birthday PaPa! We Love You! and then printed it out. The outside of the card could have been decorated with that moved into the inside but I'll take what I can get. :)

This is the inside of Tyler's card to PaPa. He drew birds and ducks on the top of the card. He also ended up writing his name right under the candles.

I have slacked off on the exercise. I didn't do it today either. I have to do it again tomorrow though! Ugh, just to get into the swing of things then I will be ok. I've got to do this!

My babies birthday party is only 2 days away. She will be 4 in only 4 days! Crazy, crazy!

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