Saturday, June 19, 2010


The kids have been asking me to go out with them to catch fireflies ever since they saw the first one this season. I've been wanting to get out there with them but usually by the time it gets dark enough to go catch them I've already bathed them and don't want to go outside in their pajamas. Well, my parents just got back from a trip to TN and they bought both of them this neat little gadget. It looks like a giant light bulb but the bottom opens up so you can put fireflies in it. It is also ventilated throughout. I couldn't resist letting them catch fireflies or lightening bugs (as I was brought up calling them) after seeing how excited they were.

I had them let all the fireflies go before we went back inside. Tatiana let them go then was trying to catch them and put them back in again. I had to eventually let the rest of hers out. They wanted to keep them but I new if they stayed in there for too long they wouldn't be shining so brightly, so I told them they needed to let them go so they could catch them again. This was last night that they caught them and Tyler was especially asking me tonight if they could go out and catch them again tonight. After a long day, me still not feeling 100%, Tatiana not having a nap and starting to complain about her ear hurting again I decided tonight wasn't the best night and put them both in the bed at a reasonable time. Took both the kids to the doc Monday after Tati woke up early Mon morning complaining about her ear and both of them had had a pretty bad cough the entire week before. I thought it may just be allergies with Tyler but thought I should bring him in just in case. I figured Tatiana had an ear infection. Tyler's diagnosis was walking pneumonia and Tatiana's was sinus and ear infection. I was totally floored with Tyler's diagnosis since he acted like he had felt fine and no fever, just a cough. They were both put on the same antibiotic which was only for 5 days. Tyler still acts like he feels ok but Tatiana is complaining about her ear again. We went to the pool today and I didn't even think anything about her getting water in her ears. When she started complaining about them this evening it then donned on me that we shouldn't have went to the pool or I should have put something in her ears to prevent the water getting in. It was one of those what was I thinking moments.

See, she looked happy at the pool. It was after the fact when that ear started hurting her.

We also went to a local festival tonight and here are a few pictures from that.

Tatiana going down the big inflatable slide

Tyler throwing some baseballs

The inflatable obstacle course that I thought Tatiana was going to win.

Tyler finished just a second before Tatiana.

I found a really cute printable tonight for a wedding gift that I need to wrap. I've got several cute printable tags bookmarked. I will share those in a post soon!

Guess that is about it for tonight. Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy's. My hubby has to work tomorrow for Father's Day but we will spend it with my Dad. Church in the morning then lunch with the extended family.

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