Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our pet Guinea Pigs

Tyler and Tatiana just loved the rabbits and guinea pigs Sunday night at the little petting zoo. So, my husband took them to pick out their own guinea pigs Monday afternoon. My son also has a salt water fish/reef tank. He got it last year for his birthday so he's had it about a year and a half. The thing is just a lot to take care of. My hubby decided it would be best to just get rid of it. His original plans were to keep the tank and stand and use it in the future. He also thought he would let Tyler pick out some type of simple fish, prob for a fresh water tank. When I told hubby how much they both loved the guinea pigs he decided on that. They can get more enjoyment and interaction with the guinea pigs then they can fish. I was searching through some of my pictures trying to find pictures of our clown fish to no avail. I did find one of the kids and I with one of them in the background so I will post that. He was a little upset that his clown fish were going bye bye but the guinea pigs definitely helped that situation. He wasn't nearly as upset then.

One of Tyler's clown fish in the background.

Tatiana named her guinea pig Lucky and Tyler named his Johnny

Tatiana's is the smaller of the two.

Tyler's is rather big. They are both 4 weeks old.

I also set up a Facebook page for A Little Bit of Everything today. I just checked it and already have 26 Fans. That's not bad for just setting it up several hours ago! :) Thanks all!

I found these ideas a few days ago and want to make them for my kids.

Fabric Scrap Dolls from This Mama Makes Stuff

The printout is on that site along with the tutorial. It mentions using glue to attach the fabric to the dolls. I'm thinking I may have some velcro. If so, I'll attach a piece to the doll then to the cardboard. That way she can continue to use the same printouts.

I also want to do the Tie Rattle Snake

The tutorial is also included in the link above and this is by V and Co.


  1. You have to be the coolest mom ever to get a guinea pig for your kids! Ever since my kids saw G-Force they have been obsessed!

  2. That's sweet of you! I don't think I'm the coolest Mom ever though. We just love animals. :) My son and daughter both say they want to be zookeepers.