Friday, June 18, 2010

I hope to keep this up!

I've won my third giveaway on blogs just within the past couple of months. Wow! This time I won a giveaway on Bird Crafts. The giveaway was "SAY YOUR OWN PHRASE IN COOKIES!! - (up to 25 characters and worth $35!!) from Cookies N Cream. These are some of the cutest cookies ever. I can't wait to receive them and I need to remember to take a picture when I get them.

The last giveaway that I won, I'm still waiting for them to send me the correct code to use. You can read about that giveaway here. I'll let you know all about that when I'm able to access it.

The USA tied with Slovenia today so we're still in the World cup. The USA had a rough start but ended up having a tied game at 2-2. It should have been 3-2 USA though. I'm not sure what the ref was thinking.

My sinuses have been bothering me all week. It is now Friday and it started on Saturday. I've been using the neti pot and that has helped some, but I wish this mess would just go away. It makes me feel blah! Besides I have a lot of things around the house I need to get done and don't feel like doing anything except lying on the couch. This is not typical of me either. I haven't spent that much time on the computer today thus far because it felt like it was taking too much effort. Now to go find something for us to eat for lunch then probably back to lying on the couch for a while.

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