Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review for Cookies N Cream

Hand decorated sugar cookies from Cookies N Cream

I recently won a giveaway on Bird Crafts from Cookies N Cream, which I posted about here... Today was mine and my hubby's wedding anniversary and I happened to receive them today also. I was hoping they would get here in time but just wasn't sure.

Aren't they the cutest things? My camera/picture and presentation isn't anywhere close to being as cute as hers but I just wanted to show you the letters.

So, not only were they some of the cutest cookies I've seen but they were packaged very carefully. I was very impressed how there were only 2-3 cookies per bag and they were all packaged next to each other. I was concerned with the temps being in the mid to upper 90's that they may arrive melted. They were in great condition though. I'm not a huge cookie fan unless it comes to chocolate chip but I tasted one and they even taste good. Since they were so cute to look at I had a hard time biting into one but I did it anyway. I just wanted to share her site with you so you can see some of the other adorable things she has created. My hubby was stuffed from dinner so he will be taking some with him to work tomorrow. As soon as my son and daughter saw them they had to have one. My daughter loved them and has already asked if she can have another tomorrow.

Here are a few I thought you might enjoy.

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