Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why am I still up?

Umm I'm going to regret this in the morn. It's already past 1:30 am and I'm still messing around on the computer.

I've been researching insurance rates for individuals. Yep, I'm one of those crazy people who don't have insurance. This is something I know I need to get in case of emergency but have been majorly procrastinating on. I'm hoping by tomorrow I can get something figured out.

Another reason I'm still up is because last night I went to bed at a reasonable time and was awake half the night with this awful cough. I did go to the doc on Monday and was told I had a sinus infection. The only thing that is bothering me now is the cough though. It's been going on now for almost 2 weeks! I was put on an antibiotic and codene cough syrup. I've taken some of the cough syrup each night before bed. I can't take any during the day due to the way it makes my head feel. A good example of that would be Monday night. I took some and thought I'd just play around on the computer for a bit. After about 15 minutes of taking it, it hit me out of the blue. I felt as if I was going to pass out or get sick. I carefully took myself to bed then slept pretty good. Last night I waited until I was getting ready to lay down before taking it and I'm getting ready to do the same tonight. I even used my husbands inhaler tonight hoping that may help. It may have momentarily, but it isn't helping now. I may use it again before bed along with my cough syrup. Something has just got to give!

Alright, off to take my meds then to never never land. :)

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