Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tastefully Simple Birthday Bash Winner!!

I had a Tastefully Simple party last night and my host and myself were winners! June was Tastefully Simple's birthday month of 15 years. 15 parties were called per region per week. My party last night just happened to be one of them. I was so excited, it was a great way to start off a party.

The host and I both won $115 in Tastefully Simple products. I was SOOOO excited!

I was very tired after last night. Yesterday I had been getting stuff together all day for a yard sale that I had today. At first I thought it wasn't worth it because I really hadn't sold hardly anything. Luckily before getting ready to pack up I had a lady come and buy a lot. I was so happy because she bought some of the larger items also. I didn't have to move them again.

Also a funny yesterday.... my tea cup Chihuahua was outside with me for a little while as I was getting stuff together. This Collie comes into our yard and my little Appy proceeds to chase it away. She went running up to him like you know I'm boss, barks at it then he goes on his merrily little way. It was the funniest thing. Here is this dog so much larger then her and she scares it away.

Here is a picture of her back in December with a little bit of snow on the ground. I need to get some updated pictures of her. She is just hard to take a picture of when I'm her favorite person. She either wants to be sitting on my lap or jumping up my leg.

Here is a comparison to our Great Dane. We have a miniature dog and a giant dog. :)

I was going to post a few other things tonight also. Hopefully I will remember them the next time I post. I'm falling asleep at the computer. This means it is time to go to bed.

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